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Am I a candidate for custom work and original designs?

Everyone and anyone is a candidate. You do not have to have tons of money. You do not have to know exactly what you want. Because we are true artists, not merely bench custom jewelers, This is our “nitch”. This is our specialty. Helping our clients have their dream creation and a true work of art. We will walk you through our fool proof timely processes, assuring your complete satisfaction.

I haven't been able to find EXACTLY what I want in any jewelry store, magazine, on line, or with any other custom jeweler. Is that typical?

Yes. More and more today, people do not want to be “sold” on a piece jewelry stuck in some jewelers showcase. People today have an idea of what they are looking for, what they are dreaming of, and typically, they do not find it in a jewelry store. With today’s economy, people want the very most for their money. Why should you settle for a so called designer item; which typically there are thousands of, just because the jewelry store has had it in their inventory too long, and now they will sell it to you on sale, supposedly? Your jewelry symbolizes the uniqueness of your relationship and love. You haven’t settled on your mate, why should you settle on your jewelry?

How long does a work of art, only one in the world, made for only me, design take?

We are very unusual. We take great pride in what we do. This is our lively hood and how we make our living. From start to finish, our pieces take 2-3 weeks. As soon as you are wearing and enjoying what we have designed and created for you, your friends, family, and co-workers are admiring it and calling us too!

Can I trade in my jewelry and diamonds I purchased elsewhere?

Absolutely! We actually take trade in merchandise purchased elsewhere very frequently. This is a very common request. Because you are now working with an independent artist, the world is your oyster. No matter what your diamond quality, size and shape is, your diamond and jewelry has an exact value.

I have jewelry pieces that are sentimental. Can I keep the same diamonds, the same gold, and can you use them in my new one of a kind design?

Yes. Jewelry is our passion. Frequently, jewelry pieces are sentimental, precious, emotional, and posses a lot of memories. Sometimes a piece of jewelry is the last connection a person has to who ever gave them the piece of jewelry. We understand these things completely. This is one of our specialties and we handle these circumstances with great care. We can help advise you with all of your options in maintaining the same metal, diamonds, or precious gemstones. While at the same time, creating an updated look for you that represents your lifestyle, taste, and style.

How do I know what kind of diamond quality you are providing?

Besides our 35+ years of jewelry experience, our formal education is through Gemological Institute of America, our business affliations, and our reputation, every piece of jewelry comes with a certified written appraisal which states the retail replacement value for your insurance company. In addition, often times our diamonds are certified by an independent laboratory such as the Gemological Institute of America.

How much does it cost?

Every piece of jewelry is individual and every piece is unique. Therefore, depending on diamond size, grams of metal, and the amount of labor that goes into the creation of the piece, the price varies. Custom work and designing an only one in the world creation may sound expensive. It usually is not. Often times, the so called designer pieces have so much profit in them, we are able to design a more spectacular piece, with bigger and better diamonds at a mere fraction of their price. Contact us for a no obligation price quote. Before you buy elsewhere, check our pricing out and see for yourself.

Do you have any references from past clients or any testimonials?

Yes. Please refer to the testimonial page. Please contact us for some of our clients contact information who have authorized us to share their information. Some of our clients are high profile, and due to security issues, have requested us not to release their names, what they have purchased, or their contact information.

What are your hours?

We see our clients thar are interested in custom work by appointment. Monday through Thursday. Evening appointments are available up to 8:00 p.m. We are closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Our typical general showroom hours are 10:00-5:00 Mon-Thurs.

Why Should I come to you vs. someone else?

Number one: Because you like to save money! Also, why would you have Emeril or Wolf Gang Puck make you a gourmet meal? Why would you have Picasso paint you a picture? Just like these fine examples, we are artists. This is our love, our passion, and we are gifted. The question is: Why would you want anyone else to make you a piece of fine jewelry, and be your personal jeweler? Your experience with Brown’s Custom Jewelry we guarantee you, is unlike any jewelry experience you have ever had before. You won’t be disappointed!

How long have you been in business?

Over 35+ years! Still loving every minute of it! This is our passion, our gifts, and our talents. There is nothing that we would rather be doing.

What payment options are there? What form of payment do you accept?

We offer 12 months interest free accounts, based on approval of your credit, and monthly payment plans up to 36 months. These accounts are offered through Wells Fargo Bank. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit Cards, Cash, and personal checks.

We do not accept Discover, American Express, C.O.D.’s, or LayAway. Prior to us beginning to create a made for only you creation, we do require a deposit.

What does your fine jewelry experience consist of?

We have over 35+ years in fine jewelry experience. Unlike most jewelers, we have been in virtually EVERY facet of the jewelry industry. Our experience includes: owning and operating several retail jewelry stores, a wholesaler to retail jewelry stores covering 4 western states and representing 5 different designer lines, an internet only business, running going out of business sales for retiring jewelers, handling jewelry insurance replacement claims for one of the country’s largest national companies, and formal education through the industry’s most prestigious school, Gemological Institute of America. Our vision, passion, talent, and artistry are precious gifts from God.

What are your industry affiliations?

Gemological Institute of America, American Gem Trade Association, Chamber of Commerce, Jewelry Board of Trade, Gemological Institute of America Alumni, and National Jewelers Association. We are one of the only Authorized insurance replacement jewelry claims providers for one of the country's largest insurance company.



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